Gas or Induction
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Gas or Induction

Need help deciding which hob type to get?

Stuck deciding whether to go for the cheaper traditional gas or the new more expensive induction?

There is some confusion around whether or not induction hobs are even worth the price tag and better to use than gas for your everyday cooking. This can often be a ‘heated’ argument even in the trade. Here at Kitchen Choice, we will try to remain as objective as possible.
Although the option is still there for all our customers to choose between gas or induction, new rules which will be brought in across the EU means in the near future gas ovens and hobs will become outlawed. These laws make this information we are sharing even more important.

Gas Hob

The name is pretty explanatory to how they work – gas, flame & cook. We don’t want to insult your intelligence by writing a whole paragraph on gas hobs but here are a few of pros and cons on the gas hob.


– Any of your pots and pans can be used
– You can sear food
– Being able to see the flame and heat level can be handy
– Cheap to buy (mostly)


– The installation and repair can be costly
– The installation can also have many requirements
– A naked flame can be more dangerous
– Hard to clean and tends to look dirty quite easily

Overall gas hobs are ok and many of our customers enjoy cooking with them but unfortunately servicing them is becoming more difficult and expensive.

Induction Hob

Here at Kitchen Choice we have certainly seen an increase in popularity in Induction Hobs and with many professional chefs now favouring them they are more popular than ever.
Induction hobs use what the techies call electro-magnetic induction basically a big magnet. The magnet reacts to the iron pots and pans to give an equal heat across the bottom of the pan or pot.
Like the gas hob, we do have a few pros and cons.


– Safer with a child lock and an automatic switch off
– Easy to clean and the “new” look seems to last longer
– More energy efficient so cheaper to run
– Faster to heat when you are cooking
– Easier to install


– All your pots and pans have to be iron
– It can be expensive to replace all the little electronic pieces to the hob
– No open flame to pan sear cook or to see the heat level
– People that have a pacemaker can have issues
– The Induction hob is fast and responsive and great when cooking. The safety features of the induction hob are a big plus for us here at Kitchen Choice.

Energy Use

Induction hobs definitely win the energy use argument hands down. Our customers often come in believing that gas is cheaper than electricity which is maybe true to a certain extent however the induction hob uses less energy generally.
Just take a look at this graph from Siemens –


Gas Servicing

Unfortunately, due to UK legislation, the cost of training and servicing of gas appliances is continually increasing at a fast rate to the point that some repairers are not going near gas hobs anymore.
Although here at Kitchen Choice we are here to meet your needs, however, we urge you to consider the costs of the gas hob once you have it built into your new kitchen. Especially if you are unable to replace it down the line.
Talking of not being able to replace it and as we’ve mentioned before gas in the near future is going to be obsolete. Nearer than you think as well, probably by 2020 gas appliances will start to be phased out.
Since the phase-out is so close here at Kitchen Choice we think it’s highly unlikely our suppliers are even considering any more development in gas technology. It’s becoming the trend of the last era!
Saying all this, gas is still definitely popular with our customers and there is still repairs happy to service your gas appliances.

Induction Service Issues

There are two main issues when it comes to servicing your induction hob.
The first is the ridiculous amount of small expensive part pieces. For example, the control boards can cost around £100 and sometimes a lot more dependent on the hob itself.
The second main issue is lack of technical information. Manufacturers are keeping the tech info for induction hobs very close to their chest, therefore diagnosing the issue and figuring out the problem can be extremely difficult and time-consuming.

So Gas or Induction…

Making the final choice is always our customers and we are hoping this post helps with your choice however here at Kitchen Choice our choice is Induction.
We understand this is not everyone’s opinion so let us know what you think and if you want any further information on buying a hob come into the store to speak to our experts.

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