• Bespoke Kitchens Fife

    Bespoke Kitchens Fife

    We are delighted to announce that we are now a retailer of the fantastic 1909 Kitchens!  Perfect for customers who are looking to create a truly unique kitchen of the highest quality, 1909 Kitchens offer unlimited finishing options to complement our wide range of cabinets.  1909 Kitchen designs are based on 2 distinctive styles –

  • Kitchen Renovation with Integrated Living Space

    Kitchen Renovation with Integrated Living Space

    Mr & Mrs Kelly were looking to renovate their existing kitchen so that they could include a living space within the kitchen. Therefore, the project involved the removal of a partition wall, blocking up an existing doorway with a new doorway created at the other end of the kitchen. We then installed traditional units and

  • Gas or Induction
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    Gas or Induction

    Need help deciding which hob type to get? Stuck deciding whether to go for the cheaper traditional gas or the new more expensive induction? There is some confusion around whether or not induction hobs are even worth the price tag and better to use than gas for your everyday cooking. This can often be a ‘heated’ argument

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